FibeAir IP-20A


High-availability & modular, aggregation node for all-packet and hybrid networks

The FibeAir IP-20A is a highly-flexible aggregation node that delivers multi- Gbps radio capacity at a very large scale. Now available with multicore technology and new radio units, it features high modularity and flexibility, and supports a large number of radio carriers with an exceptionally wide variety of line interfaces via pluggable modules in a wide range of network topologies – making it the preferred node for your transport network’s aggregation sites.

At Ceragon, we understand how important the resiliency of your aggregation sites is to you. For this reason, we designed the FibeAir IP-20A to support a No Single-Point-of-Failure architecture (No SPoF), so that the main processing unit and all line and radio interfaces are protected to ensure your network can continuously support your business goals.

The FibeAir IP-20A operates within the entire microwave and millimeter-wave spectrum, offering high spectral efficiency across licensed and license-exempt frequency bands (4-86GHz). It also supports all high-speed data interfaces (10GE/1GE/FE) and a wide variety of TDM interfaces (T1, OC-3); operates with a wide variety of multicore, standard and high power radios; and accommodates various network configurations including 2x 8+0 and 8x 2+0.

The FibeAir IP-20A allows you to continuously increase your operational efficiency and provide better quality of experience to your customers.




  • Leverage the benefits of Ceragon’s unique multicore technology with multicore RF units: RFU-D, RFU-D-HP
  • Provide the highest radio capacity and spectral efficiency in any condition and any frequency channel size (up to 80/112MHz)
  • Double wireless backhaul capacity via remote activation of another radio carrier with no site visits required – the fastest transmission network setup from planning to fulfillment
  • Reduce tower or roof-top equipment footprint by 50% in dual carrier configurations
  • Deliver the needed wireless backhaul capacity at as little as ¼ of the spectrum otherwise needed with Ceragon’s field-proven LoS MIMO 4×4 technology – enabling 4Gbps radio capacity over a single 112MHz channel
  • Deploy sites where needed, removing wireless backhaul constraints by doubling the reuse of microwave frequency channels, using Advanced Frequency Reuse technology embedded in the multicore technology
  • Optimize E-Band aggregation sites, supporting TDM over E-Band and enhancing existing microwave links with E-Band

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1 Available operating mode varies based on frequency. See datasheets for more information.
2 Features vary based on frequency and operating mode. See datasheets for more information.