LED large display with POCSAG


LED large display with integrated POCSAG receiver

The large 4-line LED display is designed for displaying text messages in alarm and notification systems. The proportional font makes it possible to read messages up to 100 characters long at a glance.

If longer messages are received, the display automatically scrolls the message line by line from bottom to top in steps of seconds. After reaching the last line, this display process starts again after one second of blanking. The entire display time ends after 30 minutes or after receiving a new message. When a new message is received, the previous one is deleted and the new one is displayed.

Configuration settings are programmed as a data record via radio. Several large displays can be connected in series or in parallel via RS485 interfaces (option). In series means that each subsequent display always takes over and displays the message of the preceding display. This means that even older messages can still be read. In the parallel connection, all displays show the last message at the same time.


    • With a potential-free relay contact (option) external devices can be activated at each alarm reception
    • LED display with 50 mm characters, up to 15 meters long and easy to read
    • Proportional font and automatic word wrap
    • Robust aluminium housing, black, protection class IP 45

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1 Available operating mode varies based on frequency. See datasheets for more information.
2 Features vary based on frequency and operating mode. See datasheets for more information.