TP9300 DMR Portable

Harris TP9300 DMR portables deliver digital trunked and conventional operation, in addition to full MPT 1327 and conventional FM—all in one device.

TP9300 portables are built for rugged conditions, proven to meet Military Standards 810C, D, E, F and G, and are IP67 waterproof. Enhanced vocoder assures clear communications even in noisy environments.

Plus, Lone Worker, Man Down, and integrated GPS technology gives control centers real-time ability to track and locate all users within the network, increasing both safety and efficiency.

Operating modes1 :

  • Trunked DMR (Tier 3)
  • Conventional DMR (Tier 2)
  • MPT 1327
  • Conventional FM

Available Models:

  • VHF (136-174 MHz)
  • UHF Range 1 (320-380 MHz)
  • UHF Range 2 (400-470 MHz)
  • UHF Range 3 (450-520 MHz)
  • 700/800 Mhz (764-870 MHz)
  • 900 Mhz (896-941 MHz)


  • Quad-mode functionality
  • Roaming between MPT and DMR Tier 3 trunked networks, and FM conventional and DMR Tier 2 conventional networks
  • Open DMR standard provides more flexibility and interoperability
  • Available in a range of models and configurable to suit user needs and applications
  • Integrated GPS and Bluetooth® wireless technology


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1 Available operating mode varies based on frequency. See datasheets for more information.
2 Features vary based on frequency and operating mode. See datasheets for more information.