System Design, Build, and Maintain


For over 37 years, Eastern has been designing, building, implementing and maintaining wireless communications systems. With deep rooted knowledge, extensive technical expertise and vast experience in wireless networks and infrastructure, 2-Way radios, receivers, transmitters, base stations, consoles, dispatch, antenna and microwave systems, you can be assured of the best architectural design, well-suited equipment, and a sound working radio communications system.

Coverage Modeling


Eastern understands that the goal of your radio communications system is reliable coverage. To that end, Eastern has invested the necessary resources to become a trained and certified user of the Harris Corporation RAPTR RF propagation modeling software system. RAPTR uses terrain databases from the US Geological Survey, land use data from the US Department of Commerce as well as empirical data gathered from drive testing of hundreds of radio systems across the world to be able to accurately predict radio coverage. This results in optimized design. We offer our customers coverage modeling services both for existing as well as proposed radio systems. For systems already on the air, Eastern personnel are qualified to provide field coverage testing to quantify the signal strength across the geographic boundaries of your intended coverage, including in-building and below ground areas.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers and Distributed Antenna Systems

Regardless of your environment, in-building, tunnel, or other structure, Eastern Communications will design and implement an antenna system to maximize radio coverage. With much technical experience and the use of state-of-the-art tools, Eastern will determine the equipment best suited to precisely match the areas where boosted propagation is needed to provide the required coverage.

Integration and Staging


Eastern provides services on-site at customer locations and at our core 20,000 ft2 NYC facility. Eastern’s core facility has over 5,000 ftavailable for staging a variety of system equipment/configurations from single base stations to complex wide-range communications systems. Eastern’s engineering and technical staff along with state-of-the-art tools and test equipment provide the expertise necessary for exceptional integration, full-system staging, and thorough testing.

24/7 Maintenance


We at Eastern Communications believe the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, especially as it applies to wireless communication systems. To keep a complex system operating at 100% of capability, a proactive and disciplined approach to system maintenance must be applied. This is why Eastern offers Maintenance and Extended Warranty service options. And because lightning can strike and electronic components eventually will fail, our service options include the stocking of critical spares and customized technician support.

Intelligence and Surveillance Solutions

Title 18 equipment, solutions, and information are provided to authorized agencies only.



Eastern’s trained and certified technicians deliver the highest quality installation services. Whether an on-site system installation or a mobile radio vehicle installation, you can be assured of professional and quality service with the job done right. Eastern offers on-site installation services as well as mobile installations at our 20,000 ft2 facility in New York City. Eastern’s 75’ by 100’ mobile installation area is fully functional for installing communications equipment in cars, vans and light trucks, and the 13.6’ bay door enables Eastern to provide custom installations for oversized vehicles such as fire trucks, buses and command vehicles.