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Mission Critical

We partner with teams around the nation to provide communications technology, services, and infrastructure that ensure connectivity the first time and every time – most especially when lives are on the line.

Our Products

Whatever your needs - from cutting edge technology to budget-friendly solutions, or anywhere in between – Eastern works with the top manufacturers in the critical communications industry to ensure you remain mission ready. From end users to channel partners, we stand ready to support your organization’s communications needs with one goal in mind: your success.

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Where We Work

Eastern Communications' exclusive channel partners comprise our primary dealer network, and we serve customers nationally with our extensive network of partners. Wherever your communication needs exist in the United States, Eastern and our team of partners stand ready to provide technical expertise and localized, on-site support.

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Industries we serve

For many of our customers, the ability to communicate can mean the difference between life and death. Failure simply is not an option – and this is the approach we take no matter who the end user is. Whether your team is operating in remote and rugged conditions, in the middle of a RF-adverse urban environment, or needs the ability to transition between both, we stand proudly ready to ensure your communications work the first time, every time.

"Eastern is incredibly responsive and reliable. When we call needing a quote or with a technical problem, we get someone on the phone right away or a call back from the engineering team within 10 minutes."

- Eastern Dealer, Northeast US

"They're an advocate voice on our side...and we trust Eastern to keep our commercial proprietary information secure."

- Eastern Dealer, Southeastern US

"Eastern's entire team knows their systems and product lines inside and out, and it gives you incredible security in the partnership."

- Leading RF Infrastructure Manufacturer

"Eastern will never leave you hanging - they are always willing to solve a problem together. They have a phenomenal team...with the same mindset - get the job done - do it right."

- Eastern Dealer, Northeast US

"Eastern has a breadth of experience with vendors in the industry - be it radio system manufacturers, radio providers, filtering products - and that depth...allows them to bring that as a value-add to their clients."

- Eastern Dealer, Southeastern US

"When [we partnered with Eastern as a dealer]...our business increased tremendously when we didn't have to deal directly with the parent adds a layer of support that we hadn't had before."

- Eastern Dealer, Mid-Atlantic

"You're not going to find many who are more respected than Eastern."

- Leading Critical Communications Manufacturer

"They have a passion for the business and the customer. They love the communications industry and they want to do everything in their power to get it right for their dealers and their customers."

- L3Harris, Indirect Channel Manager

"Our speed and ability...are much faster than it was before we had Eastern's support."

- Eastern Dealer, Mid-Atlantic