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Overcoming Hills and History for Interoperability in Boxborough

May 31, 2018

Boxborough, Massachusetts is a small town with a distinct character and history that is a source of pride for the town’s residents. With roots as a farming town, the community treasures its open and wooded spaces and several historical landmarks including the Freedom Trail. When Police Chief Warren Ryder decided it was time to update the police department’s communication technology, he knew he had to keep the residents safe, while preserving the town’s personality and distinct aesthetic integrity. It wouldn’t be easy, but he wanted to ensure he got it right.

“In New England, we are strong on tradition.” Boxborough Chief of Police Warren B. Ryder said, “But that doesn’t mean we should be holding ourselves back from the many changes and advances in the great world of communications.”

Modernizing the town’s first responder communications system began with an intensive situational assessment – and the strength to take a hard look at how dire the current situation had become. Both police and fire departments were using an antiquated system that was underserving first responders and becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. In one case, the Police Department was relying on equipment that was well-beyond its life expectancy and had to buy replacement parts on eBay just to keep the system operational.

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