TB9400 Base Station

The Harris TB9400 is open-standards compliant, ensuring interoperability with other agencies.

This Base Station/Repeater has made smooth migrations easier than ever before, and is capable of analog simulcast over IP, P25 Phase 1, P25 Phase 2. The built-in software voter and simulcast controller reduces your required hardware and saves rack space.

The TB9400 provides cost-effective deployment and improved operational performance. Modular by design, this secure and reliable Base Station/Repeater scales with each organization’s needs as they change and grow. Remote management and monitoring options including built-in diagnostics and access level control, multiple user accounts, fault diagnosis, and detailed alarm monitoring and management via IP.


  • Operation in VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz frequency bands
  • Scalable network design with IP connectivity
  • Advanced capacity and interoperability with adherence to P25 standards
  • Extensive remote management and monitoring options with a focus on security
  • MIL-STD designed and tested for reliability to mitigate network outages

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1 Available operating mode varies based on frequency. See datasheets for more information.
2 Features vary based on frequency and operating mode. See datasheets for more information.